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Pentaconsulting – Value Development Partner

Experience has shown us that the value of companies lies in their twin abilities to develop their business continually and to regenerate their organization, its flows and methods, backing up the changes in working models in order to ensure adequate profit margins. In this field, Pentaconsulting – acting as a Value Development Partner since 1995- has gained the necessary know-how and experience to devise instruments and programs to help develop: business and corporate culture, company organization and collaborative working environments as well as the smart use of enabling methods, technologies and infrastructures. The main feature of our way of working is our systematic use of the  Mind-Up model. This is an innovative and effective proprietary tool based on mind map methods. Mind-Up guides all our brainstorming, planning, implementing and monitoring activities, from sharing needs and goals to drawing up plans for action and assessing the actions taken and the results achieved. Mind-Up is a dynamic, flexible model that facilitates both communication between the parties involved and making changes to plans while operations are in progress: our PaES (Pay as Effective Services) allow our clients to make flexible use of their budgets.

Our services

The portfolio of services offered by Pentaconsulting is the fruit of our assessment of our competences, the experience we have gained on the field and our positive energy directed towards understanding needs and continually looking for potential responses to them. Our services – dedicated mainly to Management – are structured according to five integrated macro areas that comprise various standard services which can be tailored to individual needs dedicated to: Business Development, Corporate Development, Training, PLM & Digital Product and Business Communication Products.

Our assets

Pentaconsulting’s ability to understand needs, draw up dynamic, flexible plans and achieve the desired results is based on a series of assets that form part of the company DNA: – Mind-Up – Multimedia Channel – Database of companies – Content/Contact Management Center – Network of relations

Market and Target

Pentaconsulting has provided its services to various different market sectors: manufacturing, software, industrial automation, services, trade, public authorities, associations and universities. We have been consulted by structures of varying size:  start-up, micro-companies, family offices and, above all, small-to-medium enterprises and individual departments of large corporations. The nature of these services, their mutual integration and our experience have allowed us to draw up specific action plans dedicated to: Corporate Management, Sales Management, Marketing Management, Technical Department and Communication Area.

OUR Main Portfolio/Competences

Business Development

Business is the driving force of companies. Given the level of dynamicity and also turbulence in the market, it’s a subject that requires ever closer attention. Every company needs to put in place a structured process to aid business development, in terms of new contacts/clients, and how (or whether) to move into new markets. What can a company do, considering that workloads and the various demands on the company budget make it difficult for sales departments to find the necessary time to dedicate to this kind of operation? Our experience in supporting our clients’ business development has led us to assign top priority to the ability to transfer value – recognized in the market where new clients are going to be targeted – in order to generate interest and grab any opportunities that arise. Cold calling is the prerogative only of the sales department, even though every manager knows the real results they obtain. It’s better to contact only those who have shown some kind of interest. OUR JOB IS TO FIND THAT SOMEONE: Pentaconsulting has put together a series of best practices (consultancy, activities, training) with a proven track record that can help generate new contacts and reduce the sales cycle. A pragmatic approach, backed up by our proprietary Mind-Up model (based on mind map methods) – our strength lies in a team of professionals who ably support the customized development of direct sales and sales channels; we can also boast an internal Contact Management department that can draw on a proprietary profiled database containing over 50,000 companies, as well as the indications given by our clients. Our experience and competences have led us to focus on five areas: Lead Generation & Nurturing, Marketing, Events Development, Development and monitoring of sales networks and channels – Development and circulation of brand newsletter.

Corporate development

The development of a company is linked both to high-level decision-making and the ability of the company structure to implement these decisions. “Monotony” in management and decision-making, and stasis in the company’s mode of operations (“we’ve always done things this way”) fail to respond to the need to bring about change quickly enough to reap the benefits from it. Our experience in supporting corporate development has led us to the conclusion that both the management and the company structure have to learn to operate with ever stronger dynamics of change. That’s why companies need to create a collaborative working environment (CWE) that can facilitate the implementation of new business models which include (and this is important) objectives and scales of assessment and incentivation, as well as work on reviewing processes and structures. Our work has taught us that this issue is closely linked to people, therefore it’s useful to focus on the development of skills to aid communication between managers, assistants, teams and departments. Pentaconsulting has drawn up a series of best practices (consultancy, services, training) developed around our proprietary Mind-Up model (based on mind maps), aimed at improving performances and management culture, developing CWEs, easing the handover from one generation to the next (this is an important and delicate moment where it’s vital to have the support of someone who is not emotionally involved and has no history with the company), improving the efficacy of company structures and drawing up a complete set of corporate documents and contracts. Our experience and competences have led us to focus on five areas: Management consultancy – Collaborative working environment – Process and structure reviews – Reviews of corporate documents and contracts – Support with generational turnover.


Successful companies have understood that they need to invest not only in technologies and infrastructures but also in professional growth and a corporate culture oriented towards human resources. In a nutshell, it’s the people and their ability to face the daily challenges inside and outside the company who make a difference. From this point of view, training manages to satisfy various different demands, including: consolidating and developing professional/personal competences; boosting interoperability within teams and between departments; reducing hidden costs; enhancing perceived value; facilitating organizational change. Pentaconsulting looks after the whole life cycle of training courses, from planning to the location and to post-course services, using its proprietary Mind-Up model (based on mind map methods). The model simplifies goal-sharing, the structure of the training courses and programmes and introduction of the key subjects to use as the foundations of the customized service. An important – even decisive – element is professionalism in the classroom This concept comprises both in-depth knowledge of the subject being dealt with and a natural ability to communicate knowledge, as well as the ability to manage a training room and motivate the participants throughout the session. Pentaconsulting gives you two senior teachers who alternate and cooperate with each other
This is the way to generate the maximum probability of knowledge being transferred, as the alternation of the teachers keeps attention levels higher for longer, while practical activities are more incisive making it easier to learn. Last but not least, it makes for a systematic approach so that any difficulties can be dealt with gently but effectively. To allow companies to implement professional development programmes for their human capital, Pentaconsulting provides: fixed-date courses (multi-company), customized courses and training programmes (mono-company) and ONE 2 ONE sessions (individual managers). Personalized courses and One2One sessions can be scheduled to times that suit the staff and managers, including Saturdays. Pentaconsulting also offers post-training session services, which range from web-/email-/phone-based support, to follow-up meetings to further explore or consolidate the subjects covered, to specific coaching programmes. Every participant will receive a certificate of attendance. The competences acquired through these courses may be recorded in the Citizen’s Book of Education and Training (article 2, par. i) as foreseen by Legislative Act no. 276 of 10 September 2003. Portfolio of Services for the Training Courses Macro Area Our experience and competences have led us to focus on FIVE AREAS: one horizontal – the Methods – and four vertical, dedicated to the professional figures that one or more methods can be applied to: Management, Sales Department, Technical Offices, Professionals. For each area, we have developed a series of courses, which can be tailored to individual.

Advisor PLM & Digital product

In all successful manufacturing firms, operations regarding product life cycles (PLM – Product lifecycle management) are performed and managed digitally: from planning to production, start-up and eventually retirement. The main advantage is that the whole process can be simulated before actual production begins. This broad concept can be defined as D-PLM (Digital Product lifecycle management) and can be fully integrated into an Industry 4.0 environment. The D-PLM is configured as a digital repository for all the information regarding products that boost efficiency in the factory as a whole. Massimo Fucci has been working in this market since 1979. He has occupied various roles in the areas of technical supervision, marketing and sales for leading companies in their sectors, thereby
gaining a solid grounding which has allowed him to act as consultant to companies and hold the internationally recognized ‘office’ of Advisor in this market”. Pentaconsulting has devised a series of best practices (consultancy, services, training) developed around our proprietary Mind-Up model(based on mind maps), which are dedicated to manufacturing firms that want to make use of these services to develop a culture of change and facilitate the adoption of ever-more effective solutions for making the shift towards the goal of becoming a Smart Digital Factory, and to companies which provide D-PLM solutions and products, in order to help them improve their business development capacities. Our experience and competences have led us to focus on five areas: Market studies and analysis – Support to choice and manage D-PLM solutions – Innovation and methods workshop – D-PLM business development – D-PLM events.

Business Communication Products

Companies need to continually improve their ability on the one hand to understand needs and interests (and communicate the value and benefits of their products and their organization), and on the other to keep track of the interest generated. In a context where both traditional and innovative channels are available, it’s vital to develop strategies and measurable efficacy in the field of integrated business communication to back up sales strategies. Pentaconsulting has built up considerable experience in the field of business communication. To give clients the maximum chance of success, we have created: a proprietary Content Management Center specialized in content generation, and a proprietary Contact Management Center set up to identify targets, distribute content, engage in multimodal interaction (telephone, web page, mail and
face-to-face meetings) with the market and keep track of the interest generated. These operations can draw on our proprietary profiled database with over 61,000 contacts and 41,000 companies) and a multimodal/multimedia proprietary communication channel (web page/magazine/newsletter/social network/YouTube). Pentaconsulting has devised a series of best practices (consultancy, services, training) developed around our proprietary Mind-Up model(based on mind maps), designed to get the most out of integration of Business intelligence, advanced communication techniques and publications. Our experience and competences have led us to focus on five fields of action: Company news channel – Value4Managers channel – Anniversary – White paper – Success stories.